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Glamping: 4 Reasons to Go Off the Beaten Track in Style

There’s a new sensation sweeping the nation, and its name is glamping. For those of you who haven’t come across this phenomenon before, it’s a combination of the words ‘glamor’ and ‘camping’, and well… the description is kind of in the title. This is a whole new way of getting off the beaten track and discovering the great outdoors in style, and we’ve got four reasons that are sure to inspire you to adventure. And to book a glamping experience of your own, head over to Glamping Hub, the world’s leading authority on unique outdoor getaways.

Reason #1: Stay Classy

Glamping means being able to explore the great outdoors and get closer to nature just as you would with camping, but without having to leave comfort and style at home. Wherever you go, adding glam to camping lets you experience life’s little luxuries, like comfy beds instead of sleeping bags, modern bathrooms instead of cold showers, and designer kitchens or chef-prepared cuisine instead of an all s’more diet (although we still totally support a s’more dessert!).

Reason #2: Every Trip is a Brand New Adventure

Going to new places is a great way to forge new experiences and memories, but a glamping getaway also lets you explore a familiar place in a whole new way. Sure, you might have seen Yosemite National Park, but have you seen it from the balcony of your very own treehouse?

Reason #3: Going off the Beaten Track is Easy

Stay unique when you go glamping, and have an experience everyone will be jealous of. Not only is glamping the hot new trend in outdoor vacations, it’s also easy to get off of the beaten track, with plenty of secluded accommodations in a variety of locations, from forests, to deserts, to quiet beaches.

Reason #4: Fun for the Whole Family, or Not!

There are plenty of ways to glamping, from luxury cabins to romantic bell tents and Mongolian-influenced yurts. With all these options (and more!) there is sure to be something for everyone, be they solo travelers, couples looking for romance, and families hoping to get away. There are also options for every budget, so you won’t have to break the bank to experience luxury!

So get out there, collect memories not thing, roam freely, and make where you stay why you stay. Glamping is call your name.

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