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  • Alexandra Savard

Hot Air Ballooning In Page, Arizona

One of the memories I cherish the most is that cool morning, when me and my boyfriend flew over the beautiful landscape of Page, Arizona. It was in an hot air balloon, with an incredible family that we just met a couple of days prior. Nothing was plan or expected, in fact we didn't even know that there was a hot air balloon festival during our short stay in this town!

So, curious like we are, we woke up early to see the balloons rise up in the air, but it wasn't enough we wanted to be in one of these! Unfortunately, there was no ticket available, but someone told us that if we helped a crew, maybe we could have a ride! So guess what we did? Yes! We went and asked a random family if we could help them.

Oh how very lucky we were that day, these people were truly generous and kind. They made our stay even more awesome that we could have imagine, but let's talk about that ride. Oh well! I was so scared in the beginning, but the balloon fly so softly, it doesn't get scary anymore. The view was breathtaking, with all the others balloons around and the incredibly beautiful landscape of Page... You just fly were the wind takes you... Truly one of my favorite moment so far!

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