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In the past month during my travels to several different Nordic and Scandinavian countries, I had the privilege of putting the brand new Manfrotto Befree Carbon Fiber Tripod to the test. The seamlessly lightweight and flexible tripod made for the perfect sturdy companion atop the snow capped mountains of Norway and the vast craters and volcanoes of Iceland. In tandem with my Canon 6D, my setup always remained perfectly still despite harsh conditions, enabling me to capture some of the most incredible scenery which the world has to offer.

Unlike many other tripods in its class, the Manfrotto Befree Carbon Fiber is by far the best Tripod for travel on the market. From its extreme flexibility, to ultra lightweight form, weighing in at just 1.1kg, the Manfrotto has the caliber to accompany any bulky or heavy camera with absolute ease. Moreover, unlike many other compact tripods on the market, the Manfrotto has the ability to run its three legs independently, allowing the tripod to fit into those tight yet crucial spaces or act as a monopod.

In order to explain my experience with the tripod, I would like to recount one particular hike which exemplifies its outstanding features. After hours of driving to the south of Norway, we disembarked our car to begin our ascent to the renowned Pulpit Rock in Priekestolen. With my cumbersome camera bag on my back and my Manfrotto tripod seamlessly slung over my left shoulder I was ready to begin my climb. Halfway up the first climb of 300m, I was forced to divert to the side of the path to readjust my camera bag. While reaching back for the straps, I managed to knock the Manfrotto tripod right of my shoulder, as due to its lightweight design, had forgotten it was ever there. After the correct adjustments, I picked up my tripod and continued the climb. The hike climaxed at its peak and namesake, the Pulpit Rock. Standing upon this fascinating and thrilling rock for the first time, the pouring rain thundering around me, I felt great excitement for the imminent playtime which was left ahead for me. I started unpacking my gear, beginning with the Manfrotto Tripod. Fearless of the rain due to the Tripod’s waterproof strength, I placed the Manfrotto in between 2 abstract rocks, allowing me to gain an angle unlike any other. I then proceeded to snap away, and boy, the photos were spectacular.

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