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Your New Travelling Companion

Imagine a chair that you could use wherever your travels would bring you..

Introducing the first inflatable chair lounger that you can bring wherever you go and can deploy wherever you want: Trono! The perfect outdoor travelling companion!

Like Sitting on Clouds

Trono is super comfy, lightweight, easy to carry and inflates within seconds. Designed for ultimate comfort, anytime and anywhere. It weighs 1.7lbs and comes in a bag you can take on every trip, making it indispensable for your travels. Due to its durable fabric, it can withstand tough conditions and with its interchangeable suede cover, you will literally feel like sitting on the clouds. Perfect for your adventurous lifestyle! Relaxing with absolute comfort has never been so easy.

A Colorful Spectrum

And it gets better… The Trono comes in five colours: Blue, Green, Grey, Orange and Bronze. Every color comes with its matching suede cover, so you are sure that you can always relax in style. For the real adventurers the bottom protector is the perfect add-on as it will protect the Trono from more treacherous terrain and together with the ground peg, you will make sure your Trono will stay put wherever you deploy it!

The Trono costs 79 euros and is available on Amazon and on their site:

On to the next adventure, and from now on with your own Trono!

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