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How to Beat Cabin Fever with… well, Cabins!

With a snowy, white winter that seems like it’ll never end, it’s easy to start to get the feeling that you might have caught the dreaded cabin fever. Right now, plenty of us are stuck in the house all day, waiting for the outside weather to thaw and for spring to finally come and lift our morale. But why stay at home, kicking around the house, when you could get out to nature, head to sunnier skies, and make the most of the start of spring? Our friends at Glamping Hub are here to show us five of the hottest cabins from around the U.S. that you can book right now. When you’re armed with quirky accommodations like these, winter stands no chance!

“Up-Cycled” Shipping Container in Florida, Perfect for a Unique Getaway

This quirky and modern vacation rental in southern Florida is one of several unique styles of cabin rentals offered by this sunny state. Made up of three separate former shipping containers, this unusual accommodation can actually fit up to eight guests! All of the amenities of home (and potentially even more) are found inside, and the kayaks outside are a great way to make a splash this spring.

Desert Adobe-Style Cabin Rental in Arizona

If the winter blues are getting you down, Arizona may be for you. This place of near-perpetual sunshine is a heat-seeker’s dream, with nearly 300 days of sun per year. Getting into the desert-like plains in the southern section of the state is a great way to forget the snow covering the north of the U.S., and with a stone adobe like this you’ll never want to go back! Whether you head here or elsewhere, a cabin rental in Arizona is a surefire way to start celebrating warm weather.

Rustic Log Cabin for Group Getaways on Lake Michigan

Looking for that next place to host the annual family reunion? These events can sometimes be the things of dread and misery, with so many points of planning required so that your uncle who you barely know doesn’t have to drive too far with his gammy leg playing up again. This year, let this cabin on Lake Michigan take care of the hassle of finding enough space for everyone, with room for up to 15 people! Plus, with the lake at your doorstep, there’s plenty of activities on offer for the kids, as well.

Rocky Mountains Cabin Rental in Colorado

Are you normally the person who loves snow, but just getting a little too much of it at the moment? It’s understandable, really. Snowsports are one of the joys of life, and nothing evokes as much childlike wonder as setting up a snowball fight with friends or making an extremely lifelike snowman. But when the wind starts to wail and the snow starts to rise, all those ideas can easily fall flat. So why not reconnect with why you love snow, and head to a cabin rental in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado? This one is close to ski resorts, but also overlooks miles of untouched and pristine forest, making you feel secluded and serene throughout your stay.

Treehouse-Style Cabin with Wood-Fired Hot Tub in Maine

Sure, Maine has plenty of snow right now, but if you have to endure it, you might as well endure it in style! This creative treehouse cabin rental in Maine matches comfort with chic design and luxury amenities, like a cedar hot tub for keeping toasty when the night turns chilly. You’ll never dread the coming of winter again, with this place up your sleeve!

Thanks to our friends at Glamping Hub for showing us these amazing places to stay right now. If you’re dreaming of escaping the last clutches of winter, why not book your own glamping getaway? Adventure, style, luxury, seclusion; glamping has it all!

David Pope

Glamping Hub

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